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Department of Preventive Medicine
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gene network grant

We are fortunate to receive a 4-year grant from NIGMS to develop a computational platform and web service for genetic analysis of omic data. The project, called GeneNetwork2, is a collaboration with Dr. Rob Williams at UTHSC and others. See UTHSC news item for more.

move to uthsc

Effective 1 August 2015, I have moved to the Department of Preventive Medicine, University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, TN, from the University of California San Francisco after over 12 years on the faculty there. I will miss my colleagues at UCSF and the beautiful Bay Area. I am now Professor and Chief of Biostatistics at UTHSC, and am looking forward to new opportunities and challenges here.

śaunak sen

I am Professor and Chief of Biostatistics, Department of Preventive Medicine, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, in Memphis, TN. My specialty is statistical genetics and statistical methods for high-dimensional data. I have collaborated on a broad range of statistical issues in biomedical research.

I obtained my BSc (Hons) in Statistics from the University of Calcutta, followed by a MStat from the Indian Statistical Institute. I came to the United States to pursue my graduate studies obtaining a PhD in statistics from the University of Chicago under Augustine Kong. After postdoctoral stints at Stanford University and the Jackson Laboratory, I joined UCSF as an assistant professor in 2002, and recently joined UTHSC as Chief of Biostatistics.